Thank you for the input I got on my first post!! I’m still messing around with expressions and the like - people have really compelling reasons for liking one over the other, so it’s hard to choose! If you have anything to add after seeing these I’d love to hear it! After I make my decision I’m gonna try a test comic page.

  1. pumpkin-pai said: How about his eyes fill in all buggy when his emotions are really high? Or it’s in low light?
  2. qtquasar said: i like both though the one on the left shows him to be more alien and more absentminded i think. the one on the right allows for more expressions and easier readability
  3. vestwearingman said: While I definitely like the big dark bug eyes, the right would probably give you more easily understood (if a bit more mundane) expressions. I’ll also add the the dark eyes make the left one seem sassier.
  4. iamxxcastingshadows said: I think big bug eyes, though it’s hard to say “why” 8D;;; I think it’s because it makes the character more magical as it’s less humanistic
  5. kismesister said: MMMMMM. i like the narrower pupils. just seems like you could get the expressions across more clearly!
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